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We Are Pharmacy Re-Imagined!

At Integra RX our mission is to reimagine the specialty pharmacy as your community pharmacy. We believe that your health deserves the best care, attention, affordable access and service available. Our team understands that each community we serve has unique needs and requires COMPASSION to contribute to those needs.

We began our journey with the purpose of restoring the CONNECTION with the communities we serve and placing INTEGRITY at the core of who we are. We believe that the pharmacy plays a vital role in the growth and well-being of the communities it serves. Our team of specialty care experts allows us to provide specialty pharmacy care with individualized care plans. We are passionate about restoring trust in the healthcare experience.

Our Brand Pillars

The Foundations of Integra Rx


Fostering a deeper connection with our community, customers, and employees. Engaging your doctors and pharmacist together for a treatment that’s more informed and focused on your health. Exploring all potentially viable options for improving outcomes.


Bringing our communities the right people, services and practices that allow us to place people and community over profits.


Actively practicing compassion for the needs of the people and communities we serve through our deeply-rooted support with non-profits and essential community organizations.

A Better Quality of Life

At Integra Rx we wanted to create a higher standard for available treatment options for their health challenges. That higher standard is called Disease State Management. DSM is a comprehensive, integrated approach to care that makes sure effective and affordable treatments are available to all of our patients. Integra Rx works with our partners at private practices, hospitals and medical groups to provide support for scientifically-sound therapies and interventions. This collaborative approach is designed to let you know you’re not alone on your journey to better health. Integra Rx is here to help you find effective, affordable treatment options from professionals that are helpful, friendly and committed to your health.

At Integra Rx we want everyone in our community to enjoy better quality of life. Disease State Management is an approach designed with the entire community’s health in mind while improving your personal medical experience. By bringing together our community’s best medical resources, we’re able to improve our entire community – one life at a time.

What Makes Integra Rx Different


Integra Rx has formed strong relationships with medication manufacturers. that offer a wide array of rebate programs that makes access to treatment more affordable for our community.


Integra Rx buys direct from our manufacturing partners to always ensure we have the medications you need, when you need them.

LIVE Customer Service

At Integra Rx, we understand that it’s important to talk to a person when you need help and have questions about your medication or treatment. Integra Rx uses live customer service professionals – not robots – to provide you with expert customer care, even after hours.

Compliance Packaging

At Integra Rx, we know that choice is important to our communities. That is why we invest in providing all of our communities with access to multiple packaging options. When our communities can customize how they get their medication packaging, it makes compliance with their treatment safer and easier.

How We Work with Our Community

Integra Rx Specialty Pharmacists work with patients in our communities to evaluate therapies, identify drug-related problems and to help provide education on diseases and their management. Part of Integra Rx’s mission to help our communities includes improving and evolving Disease State Management. We work with patients and experts in the medical sciences to adopt and provide treatment approaches that lead to better clinical outcomes, better quality of life and how we can make those treatments more affordable for our communities.

Care Coordination

Pharmacists at Integra Rx focus on working with both patients and health care providers to form an important community link. Even when the link might not be clear to patients, Integra Rx pharmacists work to help evaluate medication therapies, identify drug-related problems and work hard to enable patients to manage these problems. Integra Rx pharmacists also work with physicians to help develop treatment guidelines based on their expertise in outcome research. This is part of the commitment to our communities that makes Integra Rx unique. Our goal is to help patients manage problems and to empower physicians to get their patients the help they need.

A Mission of Service

Integra Rx was founded as a community pharmacy. Our mission is to provide amazing service and products, while also bettering our local communities through charitable donations, volunteering and support for those in our community that need our help. Integra Rx is proud to think of our communities and customers as more than just customers, you’re family.

Humble Beginnings

In 2009, now CEO Parvinder “Perry” Kainth started working for a pharmacy as a delivery driver. Originally from India, Perry understood and applied the hard work necessary to make sure that the patients he was servicing got what they needed, when they needed it. Seeing the patients that were being helped by his work everyday inspired Perry to dive deeper into the world of pharmacy.

One Year Later

Inspired by a mission to help the people he had met as a delivery driver, Perry studied and became a pharmacy tech in 2010. His initiative and hard work led him to rise to a position of business development for pharmacies across the State of Florida. Experience in large corporate environments would give Perry the insight and experience that would inspire his next major steps.

Expanding and Improving

After Perry oversaw an expanded role doing business development & operations in multiple States, he advanced to Director of Pharmacy Operations for the State of Florida in 2015. This experience led to Perry gaining a thorough perspective of the pharmacy industry and where he wanted to make improvements.

New Beginnings

In 2019, Perry decided it was time to create his vision for what a specialty pharmacy could be. He purchased Maxxycom Rx, reimagining it into a community-first business with a focus on improving his community. But this was only the beginning…

Reminging the Specialty Pharmacy

In 2020, Maxxycom was relaunched as Integra Rx. This new community-focused approach to business has brought specialty pharmacies together from around the State of Florida. As Integra Rx has grown into a Statewide chain, Perry never let up on his mission of helping the community. Working with charities and educators, Integra Rx works to provide patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations with the tools and knowledge they need to treat patients with science-based, effective treatments and therapies.

As Integra Rx starts its journey to become a national chain, Perry will be keeping the central goal of putting our communities first and improving access to healthcare for everyone.

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